Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shop updates - Penn Yan Swift, EM White, Old Town Canoe

Lots of pictures in this update. We have some really nice projects currently going on in the shop which we will get to in a later update. First, lets play catch up and see some of the finished projects from this summer. 

Here is what the canoe looked like when it came in the shop

There were some damaged ribs that needed replacing 

The ribs have been replaced and so have the inner rails

When the first coat of varnish goes on those new ribs really stick out....

....but with a little effort and stain they start to blend in

Emily installing the new outer gunwales

The canoe all finished

This shot shows the broken and replaced ribs. Which ones are they?

Okay, so this isn't a completed project. 
It is a glimpse of some of the current projects in the shop.
This canoe was purchased by the owners parents on their honeymoon in Maine! 
How cool is that?
At first glance this canoe looks just fine, right?

Well, look again.
The canoe was cracked in half from gunwale to gunwale and there were over 25 broken ribs.
The nearly 100 year old finish was black
The canoe has been stripped out, but where to start first???
First a little rib replacement.....

.....Then a little planking work. 
The garboard being replaced here

The garboard on.
As you can see one of the unique features of EM White was his bevel edged planking
Dylan installing a new rib
The stems were pretty well trashed too.

The new inner rails being replaced
The inner rails are in
Still some more ribs to put in

Is there light at the end of that tunnel?  Yup, sure is. 
The White is almost ready to head to the finish room.
More to come in the next post.

This canoe was bought new in 1926 and shipped to a resident in the town were Dylan grew up. 
The current owner, who acquired the canoe from the original owner, also grew up in that town.
You probably knew I was going to say this, but how cool is that?
Broken inner and outer gunwales

Here she is all finished. 
Bought new, sold and owned, then restored all by people
from the same town that spanned nearly 90 years.

Continued from earlier updates, the Penn Yan swift
After canvas and filler, the outer rails are installed
and the entire top side is sanded down.

 Finishing starts on the top side.  Got love that deck. 

The deck getting caulked
 Almost done....


I might be a tad bit biased, but this was one good looking swift



Until the next update......................