Saturday, November 19, 2011

EM White Square Stern Canoe

Here are some pictures of the EM White square stern canoe under going restoration in our shop.  The first shows the 15 inch wide maple deck steam bent on the bending jig.

Once the deck has dried on the jig, it is removed, shaped to fit, and installed.

15 ribs were replaced.  8 in a row are shown here.

The planking is beveled and each strake over laps the adjoining plank.

The new plank is shaped and the bevel is cut along the edge.

The structural work on the hull is complete.  15 new ribs, the bow has been reconstructed, new inner gunwales, etc

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shop updates 11-5-2011

We are cooking along pretty well in the shop with a good diversity of restorations that include canoes and boats by makers such as EM White, Old Town, Rushton, Kingsbury, Chestnut, Peterborough, and more.  Here are some pictures.  First is a picture from the morning of October 30th looking out the shop window from the workbench.  24 inches of snow!

These pictures come from a canoe we built about 10 years ago.  It's back in the shop for repair work and recanvassing.  It has been used every summer for 50-60 consecutive day canoe trips that have been done in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Labrador.  It has descended some of the biggest rivers in the Hudson Bay watershed and crossed some of the most rugged overland routes Labrador has to offer.  It has traveled on the bottom of float planes, inside rail road cars, and freight planes from the Arctic.  The stem bands are the original ones that we put on when it was built.  This is what they looked like when we took them apart.

This photo shows the last screw securing the end of the stem band. Where is the slot?

This photo shows what a stem band screw should look like.

This photo shows the screw from the first photo above.  You think this canoe has been used? Not bad, eh?

Here is Emily taking apart the sailing Dingy.  This is going to be a fun restoration.  Stay tuned for this one.  We will show rib replacement, steam bending white oak, inner stem replacement, sail rig construction, and many other aspects of restoration.

Mahogany decks from a Rushton Indian Girl

Here is some cedar that was milled up this past week.  Nice tight growth rings.

It was a scary Halloween around here.  We had a paint thinner thief raid the shop!

Here is Emily working on replacing ribs in a 1930's Chestnut cruiser.  This one will get 16 ribs replaced in a row!

Here is Emily again.  Does Dylan ever work?  This time she is taking apart the Kingsbury.

That's all folks.  Time to go back to the shop and keep up with Emily!