Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shop Updates 9-4-2012

There are ton of pictures to show. Remember you can always thumb through the past couple of posts to see pictures of a particular in canoe in progress.

As we near the end of summer our phone continues to ring and people continue to place orders for new canoes and bring us their canoes and boats for restoration from around the country and abroad.  Sometimes it feels like orders are coming in faster than they are being filled.  Oh, yeah, maybe that's why we have a healthy backlog of work!!   As small business owners we are pretty excitied about this.

Also, please keep in mind that we do not do spec work.  100% of our work, all restorations and new canoes are commisioned prior to building/restoring.  Sorry but these canoes are not for sale.  If you would like a similar canoe or boat we would be happy to speak with you.

We have a lot of exciting projects on deck for this coming fall that include some very nice all wood boats and canvas covered craft.  We will show these new projects soon but before we do let's take a look at some completed stuff.

This one had a solid hull but the transom, inner gunwales, outer gunwales, stems, keel, and deck were toast.  Here are some before after pictures.

Emily installing the outer gunwales.
Emily putting on the finial fit and finish..........

...........and ta-dah, finished.


A Charles River canoe with a torpedo stem
The Kingsbury saw a lot of work.  New inner gunwales, outer gunwales, cap rails, keel, outer stem, etc.  Here are some pictures of Emily installing the outer and cap rails

Here is what the Kingsbury looked like before restoration

Here it is finished and ready to go.

A shot of the interior.  Can you find the replacement ribs?

The Temagami Traveler is a canoe we designed from scratch.  They are sweet little rides.  This one has the optional center thwart and wannigan ribs. Quarter sawn white cedar ribs and planking and cherry trim.  This one went to Seattle, Washington.


This one saw a lot of work too. 14 new ribs, new inner and outer gunwales, new deck, etc.


Dylan installing the new coaming

 Emily installing the new king planks

In the finish room getting taped off
The completed product
 The deck showing the new king plank, coamings, and seat.  Can you tell they are replacements?
A close up.

A close up of the splices on the deck.  But where are they?  Pretty good matching job, eh?

Here are some pictures from around the shop.  First is Emily fitting thwarts into a new Chicot.
The two Charles River canoes in the finish room.

Below is the long decked sailing canoe being built.  The rudder is being fitted.

Emily fits the mast ring.

Here is a brief glimpse of the sailing canoe. 
More pictures to come soon of the sailing dinghy completed, some new projects under way, the finished long decked sailing we built, and much more.