Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shop Updates 9-5-2016

Pictures, pictures, pictures. Lots of pictures showing finished canoes.  We had a very busy winter and summer.  One of the busiest to date and the upcoming year in the shop looks even more packed with canoes and boats.  Just the way we like it!

Once the nervous sensory system has recovered from the inevitable overload of wooden canoe pictures (is there such a thing as too many pictures of wooden canoes?), we will make an update of recently started projects such as the fleet of Charles River canoes, practically the entire Penn Yan catalog from the early 50's, and some other very rare and uncommon canoes. Enjoy these pictures.

1933 Old Town OTCA

Before and after restoration pictures of this iconic Old Town model. 

1934 Old Town HW

Before and afters of another iconic Old Town. 
The deep blue it was painted looked so nice.

16' Carleton

A Carleton that came into the shop wicked grimy
but left looking pretty nice.  

10 foot Chestnut

Here is one you don't see every day, 
a 10 foot canoe by the Chestnut Canoe Company.
What sweet little canoe!



18' Olgilvy Chestnut

Another canoe by the Chestnut Canoe Company,
an 18 foot Olgilvy.  All weight and more weight.
Yeah, these bad boys are heavy, heavy but pole like a dream.

Pictures around the shop

Old Town sport boat

Close up of the patent swivel oar locks

Old Town seat back

Leeboard L bracket

That is a new Chicot on the left and a Chestnut Olgilvy on the right

They just looked so nice together, side by each.

Two Old Towns

A carry bar being made

Mmm, mmm, look at that figure on the tiger maple paddle!

A little 15' Canadian canoe restored and
waiting to be picked up by its' owner.

A canoe being packaged for shipment

More canoes packaged and ready to be shipped.
We had canoes going to Virginia, Montana, Florida, Texas, 
all over New England, and to Canada. 

New Canoes

We had so many canoes being built and restored,
I had a hard time keeping up with the camera.
Here are a few new canoes we built.

A 17 foot Chicot

Another 17 foot Chicot

Here is a little 10 foot courting canoe

The detail of that 10 foot courting canoe.
These are built just like the full size ones.

Four new canoes ready for delivery.

Hey, are you going canoeing?  Don't forget us!

HB Arnold Long Decked Courting Canoe

We love these courting canoes.  This one, built by HB Arnold
was nothing short of a huge project.

Before, when it came to us

After the restoration

15' Old Town Sailing Canoe

What a little gem. 
An uncommon 15 foot closed gunwale Old Town Sailing Canoe.

16' Old Town Sailing Canoe

Another Old Town sailing canoe.  This one with sponsons.
Such a sweet looking canoe with all the bells and whistles.



Nice detail of it all coming together - 
sponsons, gunwales, outer stems, rudder, etc

On The Water

These are all shots of canoes we have built or restored
being used on the water this summer.

 Salmon Falls Canoe 16' Clearwater

Salmon Falls Canoe 17' Chicot

Fishing from a Salmon Falls Canoe 14' Smoothwater

Salmon Falls Canoe custom made spruce paddle

An evening paddle in a Salmon Falls Canoe

Section 1 from Keewaydin paddling in from their 6 week trip to Hudson Bay
These six canoes are 17' Chicots built by us

The Peterborough admiral.
One of the sweetest outboards I have ever been in.

A V stern

The V stern and the Admiral docked together

A couple of passengers enjoying the view in the sub arctic
in one of our Chicots.

Paddling in Northwestern Ontario

Does it get much better?