Friday, September 29, 2017

Wow,  it's been waaaaaaaay to long since the last update! I guess that's the way summer goes when you are having fun.  Lots of projects have been finished and are on the water.  Several more have entered the shop and are being worked on. Here is a look at some recently finished canoes and boats.  Before, during, and after restoration. There are 117 pictures to follow.  Enjoy

Let's look at all the Penn Yan's first.  We had 4 going on at the same time, all owned by different owners.

Penn Yan Swift 

A classic CZT.  'Nough said.


 Taken apart

 Getting a new transom among other things

 Emily putting the first coat of interior varnsih

Getting ready to caulk the decks

Installation time

 Wires and more wires

Just about ready to go

 All finished and ready to go back home

Penn Yan Canoe

 Found this hidden gem when we took the canoe apart

 Here is the re-do, the way it should be

This shows how the outer gunwale and outer stem come together

Penn Yan Cartopper


 Rib work

 Just a few tacks to hit

Finishing touches in the paint room

Penn Yan Trailboat


 Hey, where did the hull go Emily?

Oh right, it's getting new inner gunwales!

Being varnished

Old Town Square Stern Canoe


Lots of damage in the bow

New transom being made installed


St. Lawrence Boat Works

A super rare 10' canoe built by the St. Lawrence Boat Works in Ogdensburg, NY
This is the only one we have ever seen.  I am not sure we have even heard of another. 
I don't think it was  ever listed in their catalog.

 This one required a bit of work but certainly worth it.

 It was sold through Abercrombie and Fitch
Appropriately, the owner had us paint the A&F logo on 
the hull and a paddle to match. Sharp looking!

Charles River Canoe

Unknown maker but certainly a very early canoe from the Charles River area outside of Boston.
Lots of characteristics on this one points to an early canoe, most likely pre 1900, from a builder who was still in developing their canoe building skills.

 The classic Charles River notch.
This is a dead give away that you have a Charles River Canoe

Kingsbury Canoe

Another Charles River canoe, a Kingsbury 

 Emily stripping the hull

BN Morris

 Before and after pictures Of the restroration





 Some pictures during the restoration
Above, Emily working rebuilding the bow end

 Canvassing the hull

Emily installing new outer rails

New Canoes

 Here is a 17' Chestnut Prospector reproduction

 Here are 6 more (look on the trailer)

 New 8' scale model

Canoe Paddles

Lots of paddles being made and sold.  Here are a few.

 150 year Canada paddles.
Logo hand painted

 Packaging apddles

Two really nice hard maple paddles.
Big and wide, long and narrow

 Hittin' the trail.......

  Birds-eye maple paddle

 More packaging.

Grip on a walnut paddle

On The Water

Our canoes being paddled and enjoyed
 Launching the new 17' prospector

 Out for a toot in the prospector

 Husky approved!

 Headed out on a trip

 A 16' Clearwater

 Little Mojag waiting........

 Emily and Evelyn headed out on a trip together

Section 1 from Keewaydin returning from their 7 week canoe trip to Hudson Bay.
They paddled our 17' Chicot

Sometimes you gotta portage.
Until the next update, enjoy......