Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Shop Updates 6-8-2016

It's always exciting to see that finished canoe sitting in the shop waiting for its' owner to come pick it up. We had a family from Texas pick up their canoe at the shop the other weekend.  It was a family canoe that the grandfather had owned.   They arrived and we gave them a tour of the shop and showed them all the other projects we are working on.

We carried it out of the shop lashed it on the roof, told some stories, and had some laughs.  They got in the car and off they went with their canoe.  It seemed to happen all to quick, but that was it. I wouldn't be able to look across the shop or open the paint room doors and see that canoe again.

A feeling of sadness overcame me as I watched the canoe bob down our driveway. All those months the canoe had been in the shop, the transformation it went from being an un-paddle-able basket case, almost dump worthy in some peoples eyes, to a fully functional 95 year old canoe that was headed done the road to new adventures and memories.

And then it hit me. This is why we build and restore canoes. I was damn proud of the work Emily and I did on that canoe. I was beyond happy at how thrilled the owner was with the canoe. That canoe kept us warm throughout the winter in more than one way and now it will do the same for its' owner for decades to come.  To be a part of that is priceless.  It's what keeps us going in the shop, knowing the canoes that leave our shop will provide life long memories and opportunities for their owners for years and years and even decades to come.

1940's Old Town Sport Boat

This sport boat came into the shop in super rough condition 
We'll walk through motions from beginning to end.

 This what it looked like when it came into the shop.

 Rot and broken damage everywhere.

 The interior is cleaned up.

 The transom was cooked, absolutely cooked.

 As Emily removed the transom it just feel apart, almost unusable as a pattern.

 The first step is to replace the wide transom ribs to establish a nice crisp 
purchase for the new transom.

 Emily planing the new mahogany transom.

 The new transom made with the keelson mortise 
and rib rib rabbet cut.

 A close up of the rabbet, groove, that will receive the transom rib.

 Before installing, the transom is scrapped smooth for finish.

 Dylan test checking the fit.

 Emily installing the transom.

With the new transom in, the focus is shifted to new inner gunwales.
Here Emily is removing the old gunwales.

 The new transom with new inner gunwales and knees

 Emily working on the damage in the bow.  New ribs and planking.

 The interior varnished and the hull is ready to be canvassed.

Emily prepping for canvas.

 In the finish room being varnished

 Paint drying.

 New oar leathers going on.

 All finished and ready to go back to Florida.

H.B Arnold Long Decked Courting Canoe

Dylan working on the planking

Installing the new deck framing and sheer shims

Deck framing done, canvassed, and filled

The new outer stems waiting to be shaped and installed.
No spring back, love that!

Here is the mahogany board the new decking will be made from

Dylan re-sawing the decks

Nice book matched ribbon stripped mahogany

Dylan putting the decks into the steamer

Decking being shaped and installed

Decks with varnish

Close up of the varnish

Love that torpedo stem

Arnold next to a Salmon Falls canoe 10' courting canoe

The 10' being decked

Canoe Paddles
A few pictures from some paddles we made.
We make them from scratch from solid wood
right here in the shop.

In and around the shop

A view down the shop

Emily installing a thwart in a Chestnut Olgilvy

1915 Old Town sailing canoe ready for cap rails

Emily fitting the new cap rails

Test fitting the new rudder on the sailing canoe

A look in the finish room

Emily installing new mahogany rails on the sponson canoe

Ribs bent around the form...

...planked up....

..all clinched up.

Got thwarts?

How about seats?

Glueing up the mortise and tenon seats

Sure takes a lot of clamps

How many holes need to be drilled for all those hand caned seats?
Sounds like a good project for Dylan.

Emily test fitting an outer stem

Here is what that stem look like installed and varnished

Stew in the shop restoring his Chestnut canoe

Katie and her new Chicot she built with us.  I think she's happy!

Left to right, a 10 foot Chestnut, a Lakefield cedar strip, a Chestnut Olgilvy

Snack break!

A new Chicot getting seats installed

Emily wood burning the art work by hand on a custom paddle

Getting the sail rig set up on the Old Town sponson sailing canoe

A view through hanging paddles

The canoe from Texas when it came into the shop

The day it left all restored

Hey, is someone going to clean this work bench up!